2017 was rough. It was rough physically, mentally, artistically. I thought 2016 was bad but I was not prepared for what was next. 

Despite all the negatives, I can't help but notice the good the came out of them--albeit not many. Here's a small list of what the year held for me:

I pretty much stopped doing what I love the most: creating art. 
I sought help for my mental illnesses.

I hit the lowest point I've ever experienced.
I worked almost nonstop with animals and created an even better relationship with my clients and their pups (and a few kitties!)

I lost one of my best friends.
I recognized that I deserve to be treated better and stopped allowing others to make me feel less than what I truly am.

My depression, anxiety, and eating disorders suddenly became very severe after having them somewhat under control for a few years. 
I told my mom I was seeking therapy, have actually made progress, and have found new passions in various lifestyle changes.

So because I didn't create much art, I don't have a post of my favorite photos taken this year or an end of the year video as I have in the past. But 2017 was such an incredible year for other artists, and I took a step back to reevaluate a lot of things. In doing so, I fell in love with art again and I have a lot of people's art I want to share. 

Here are some of my favorite art pieces and some of my favorite artists. Maybe you'll find some new people to follow, new inspirations. Enjoy!

Anam Merchant

Best friend. Favorite human. Favorite artist. I am her biggest fan. 

Nicole Solero

Nicole created some of my favorite art of all time. So glad I came across her instagram, 

Luccia Mia

Luccia's images and colors are so damn nice

Lori Gutman

Just take a look at her work. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

Angelo Kritikos

1. Demi Lovato (i mean come on how could I resist?) 2. So. Dramatic. I love it. 

Kalle Björklid

Love how raw the images are, reminds me of old punk photos. So damn good.

Karen De La Fuente

Karen's work has honestly inspired me so much the past year, I'm so glad she exists. 

Ariel Kassulke

Ariel is so damn talented. I love her portraits, seriously take a look. 

Ryan Watanabe

You've probably seen his work all over the place but I'm here to remind you how talented he is. The square post is a video, click it and thank me later. 

Lily McLaughlin

Lily's portraits are everything. Seriously the biggest inspiration lately.

Guadalupe Bustos

His work is so clean and unique. I love seeing his progress from when he first started with The Maine and now. Truly inspiring to follow his journey.

Savana Ogburn

I love Savana's ability to mix art mediums. It's unapologetic, fun, colorful, creative. I'm a huge fan of all the things she creates.

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