This blog is way overdue, so I apologize in advance for not posting it earlier. I tried to limit myself to 10 photos per date and I failed. Oh well.

The Artists on the Rise tour was an interesting tour. Lots of off days, lots of good hangs, we hit some places I never thought I'd visit, but it was overall super cool and fun. Everyone on this tour was just amazing, and I miss them a lot. 









10.13 / ILLINOIS

This was kind of a crazy day. I drove all the way to Plainfield to drop off my luggage and all of my belongings, including my camera, then I drove back to the city to drop off the car at my mom's job since she was covering my shift so I didn't have to potentially miss the first day of tour. I then took the CTA to Berwyn, where the venue is, which took around 2 hours. Finally, after about 4 hours of running back and forth, I was reunited with my camera and the boys and got to work. My wonderful friend Jacklyn Krol came from Indiana with her friend Shelby to interview some of the bands and to hang out so I was excited to see her since it had been a while. This was the first time my mom would be seeing Marina City live which made me a bit nervous; she's never seen me doing photo work and I was kind of afraid of what she would think of me and my whole photography thing. Plus she hadn't been properly introduced to the band yet. She ended up loving every second and really enjoyed watching them live which was great news. 

10.14-10.15 / OFF DAYS

We spent a day at home after the IL date, and then made our way to Colorado. We stayed at a hotel where there was a couple who were being very loud, let's just leave it at that. Oh and this went on for about an hour, while I was trying to sleep. Aaron came in after some time and everyone except for me was asleep, and he thought that it would be a good idea to eat my veggie chips. In his defense, he did try his best to be very very quiet. When we arrived in Colorado, we stayed at my friend Jacki's place, she's a super talented photographer who worked at the venue we were playing and was kind enough to let us crash. We obviously had to stop and get some Tillamook Ice Cream.

10.15 / COLORADO

Colorado was cool. We got up early to go to Garden of the Gods, and afterwards we made our way to the venue. Since we arrived pretty early, we went to a Mexican place down the street and it was one of the best places I've ever visited. It looked mediocre but holy cow guys, amazing food. Matt and I later took a stroll through the neighborhood in search of a thrift store which claimed to be open, which it wasn't. We were pretty bummed.  

10.17 / new mexico

New Mexico was strange but it had the best lighting. The venue was selling pizza so I got a slice since there wasn't anything around, and immediately I thought it must be Little Caesars. It wasn't until Ryan was given a napkin that said LC that we knew 100%. Those crooks!! Just kidding, I love LC. Oh we also had Tillamook on this date because a fan brought some. This was honestly the Ice Cream tour. I'm declaring it. Anyways, after the show we began to have van troubles and had to take it into the shop the next day. Twas a bit scary, and unfortunately the people weren't able to fully fix it. 

10.18 / KANSAS

Kansas was probably the first day we all had the chance to hang out with one another and just relax. The venue was super nice so the Coldfront dudes brought out their cornhole game. 

10.19 / OFF DAY

This off day was much needed seeing as how our van was still on the verge of almost killing us (again) and we had to get it fixed (again). We went to get breakfast with the rest of the tour package except for Coldfront because they hate all of us. (Kidding! They had gone earlier and by the time the plans were made, it was too late). Afterwards we decided we needed to get the van fixed and looked at again. The shop we ended up going to was great because there were many kittens there! There was one specific orange tabby which we named Shere Khan (Todor's idea) that loved human affection. I held this cute baby for probably ten minutes which was a terrible idea but who cares! I'm never going to be able to do it because most cats hate being held for a long period of time, so it was definitely worth it. The owner of the junkyard actually said we could take him, sadly we didn't. Forever missing that little dude. Afterwards, the van was all good and ready to go and we headed to the hotel, which was honestly beautiful. Eric and I watched the presidential debate, followed by A Walk to Remember (Ryan and Matt joined), and then Aaron wanted to sleep which obviously he couldn't because Matt was wide awake and wanted his buddy. 

10.20 / OKLAHOMA

We kicked off the day by heading over to the mall to try and get more people to come to the show. It was 7MIH's idea, and seeing the bands walk around promoting and talking to people was honestly inspiring as hell. I've never been around a group of people who hustles and bust their asses more than these bands and it was truly eye opening to see them hustle. Matt and I went into lush where we promoted and ended up meeting the band that was opening for Five Finger Death Punch who happened to also be from Chicago, so that was cool. I ended up buying a a face mask, and convinced Eric to get some ice cream after he swore he wouldn't eat any more. Yeah right. 

10.21-10.22 / off days

We got to Texas pretty late that night and were greeted by these two sweethearts which I forgot their name already (I am the WORST). We stayed at one of Brian's friend's place and chilled at the apartment for the most part. We did go out for Texican, I didn't like it, but we had ice cream afterwards so it was all good!

10.23 / so what?! music fest

This was the show day and it was a long. ass. day. I had to have my mom send me her credit card info so I could order Chipotle from Postmates because I left my wallet at home and couldn't get anything to eat and I was about to pass out. Bless her heart. I did get to watch William Beckett again which is always a pleasure. At the end, twas a fun day. 

10.25 / MISSOURI

Missouri gave me a heart attack. It was actually just Brian, but still. We went to a costume shop to look for the finishing touches to their costume, and then I went to Walmart because I needed to purchase a wrist brace since my wrist had been hurting a lot, and after some research and advice, I decided it was best to take care of it as soon as possible. We then drove to the venue.  When we arrived, I went to a coffee shop in front of the venue to get some tea because I was super sick and just wanted something warm. I left everything in the van except for my laptop, and did some work. When the guys began to load, I finished up and had to find where the van was so I could get changed since I was in sweatpants. When I finished, the van was parked and no one knew where it was. Brian and Todor finally told us where and Aaron, Matt, and I went to get our stuff. I immediately noticed my camera wasn't under my bench and I panicked. Aaron decided to walk back to the venue and look around to see if I left it, Matt went to the coffee shop, and I continued to panic. I was loopy thanks to the cold, but I knew I didn't move it. We asked everyone and no one knew where it was. I called my mom and began making plans on how I would finance to buy or rent one for the rest of the tour and all that stuff. Turns out that Brian had grabbed it and put it in his bag since I had told him I needed to go back to the van to get it. Except he didn't tell me, or anyone, that he had it until like 15 minutes after searching. I've never had a bigger panic attack than I did that day. 


This venue was super cool. There was fooseball, air hocket, ping pong, a skate park, even a recording studio. The only thing was, we couldn't swear. Not that we swear. No. We're angels :) 

10.27 / off day

We spent way too much time in the van this day. TN > NC was a terrible yet beautiful drive. When we got to the hotel in NC, I decided to order pizza at midnight and honestly I've never had a better idea.


The guys went to the gym, I went to Panera to get some work done. At the venue, the load in time was changed so we hung out. Eric decided to hang his hammock in the van, and it worked! However, Todor opened the door that was holding it and Eric fell. I knew it was bound to happen, and I tried to yell at Todor not to do it, but alas. 


Pennsylvania was extra special because my friend Allison came, and so did Hannah. They both are part of a really cool organization called The Pop Punk Pit Stop, who deliver care packages to bands. What they do is really heckin cool, and I highly suggest heading over to their page and helping them out!  

10.30 / OHIO

Before heading to OH, the guys were teaching some local bands a few things about touring, business, and just the general music industry. Lesson of the day was: Check the calendar. All the info is there. We drove to OH, but made a stop at Sheetz beforehand (better than Wawa don't @ me). This was the day Cleveland was playing the Cubs, so obviously there was a bit of tension between Ryan and everyone at the show. But, on the bright side, as destiny would have it, Maddy Finn (does guest vocals on MC's "I'll Sing You to Sleep") was performing at the same venue we were, so she was able to sneak away for a few minutes and perform with the guys. You guys, this girl has one of the best voices I have ever heard. If you have a second, you have to check her out.  I also did quick promos with the dudes in Coldfront, so I'll throw in a quick preview here.

10.31 / OHIO

Positives: Free chipotle, met a dog, found parking right outside the venue, Halloween. Negatives: Last day of tour. The guys' costume was being a Mariachi band called " Mariachi City." And before you go ahead and say anything, no, it's not cultural appropriation. They were a type of band, not a race/culture. Moving on. The show was super fun, and I did another round of photos with Coldfront. Eternally thankful and lucky to have been a part of this tour. Much love.