Last tour of the year. This line up was quite incredible. Seriously, this tour was so incredible. I am forcing myself to only include ten photos* per date, so here are some of my favorite photos from this tour. 

*a few have more than ten, sue me

Make sure you take a moment to listen to all the bands on this tour. So much love and respect for everyone.

11.17 / Indianapolis

First day of the tour. Indy is the reason I can't eat McDonalds anymore. Well, only if I have no choice, but I eat it with a huge fear. The McDonalds next to the venue made me feel like absolute death, what a great way to kick off the tour!

11.18 / Detroit

So can I just say that Rusted Root was playing above us and they soundchecked with Send Me on My Way and I almost SCREAMED. (That's the song playing in Matilda while she makes pancakes, I love Matilda). Aside from that, this is the venue where the rap battle scene in 8 mile was filmed AND where Eminem held his birthday party once, so my emotions were so heightened today. Also, Kuniva from d12 came to see Craig and sing with him. Made the night even cooler.

11.20 / Chicago 

HOME! I got to see one of my favorite humans ever, Luka, and was the happiest lil bean ever. Chicago shows are always amazing. Seriously, Chicago is the best.

11.29-12.01 / OFF DAYS 

After the CHI show, we had a few days off for Thanksgiving and stuff. Then we took on the drive to California, which made me want to dieeeee. Just thinking about it, I want to cry. Proud of all of us for not hurting each other though! Also, at one of the hotels we decided to make a super bed, pic below.

12.2 / Orangevale

We stayed at Matt's aunt's house which was beautiful. His aunt has two kids, and I realized I'm not the best role model. I taught their oldest, Robin, to say "You're weird!" and she wouldn't stop saying it. I mean, it was like 11pm and she kept saying it. I was nervous as hell man. Luckily she forgot about it by the next morning.

12.3 / Los Angeles 

I fell in love with L.A. I could seriously move here if it wasn't so expensive. I got to meet my friend Tim for the first time, I had a total of 8ish tacos by the end of the day, and I was super happy. Cali, you broke my heart. 

12.4 / Phoenix 

When we got to the city, the guys went to PF to shower (I showered at the house we stayed at) and I went to Walmart to get ready. I saw a lady selling puppies and oh boy the temptation was SO real. At the venue, I was starving so I ordered Chipotle, and everyone got mad. I told them I was doing it so I don't understand why they acted so surprised and angry. BABIES.

12.5-12.8 / off days

The guys drove through the night nonstop so we actually made it back to Matt's house within like a day, so we had a day or two at home and then we drove to NY. We did stop at Cadillac Ranch, which was super weird but cool. 

12.9 / Brooklyn 

This was my first time in Brooklyn, and it was so nice. There was a hispanic store right in front of the venue and I went in about 4/5 times. The dude was honestly judging me, but hey I was giving him my money so just take it and leave me alone. FUN FACT: Seconds after that photo of Brian with the beer was taken, some dude came and literally snatched it and threw it away saying no outside drinks. It was funny but also what the hell? Cool don't be rude dude. Another fun fact: Some truck driver tried to run us off the road/bridge because Eric merged in front of him (it was a good merge) just as we were passing this HUGE cemetery, so maybe it was a sign?

12.10 / Boston 

Boston is my second home. Amanda, Nate + Katie, Leah, Renée, and many more friends are from around here and I just love them all. 

12.11 / Philadelphia 

Last day of tour is always sucky. Not really, but it just feels sad. Ryan decided to wear a ridiculous Christmas suit during his song with Craig, which worked out so great. Eric misplaced his percussion bag in the middle of the venue, and I did my make-up in the dark. Really a super uninteresting day, but also a pretty great one.